Making a present for someone has many plus points – it is economical, it shows that you’ve taken personal time and care to make them, and they can be a great way to involve children in the cookery process – although you may need to prepare a few extra to compensate for a few taste tests!

We’ve had a look online, and found some different ideas about treats that would look lovely packaged beautifully and individually, and would most certainly be a popular gift to receive.



Capture some continental European magic, by whipping up these easy to make German Christmas treats that are similar to gingerbread.

Prep: 15 mins   Cook: 15 mins   Recipe from BBC Goodfood

Marcello Tully’s glittering meringue forest recipe


These spectacular but easily – produced creations are sure to impress. They’re sure to be tasty too, with white chocolate sandwiching the meringue together.

Prep: 50 mins     Cook: 20 mins to cook and 4hrs to cool   Recipe from Tesco Real Food

Giant Chocolate chip cookie


Wow! This amazing giant chocolate chip cookie is a real show-stopper, and is designed to be shared and not just devoured individually! A decadent festive treat of generous proportions.

Prep: 15 mins Cook: 15 mins   Recipe from Tesco Real Food

Christmas pudding cookies


Kids will love whipping up – and sampling – these jolly and colourful Christmas pudding cookies. Chocolatey, iced and delicious!

Prep: 40 mins Cook: 12 mins   Recipe from Sainsbury’s


We hope you have fun trying your hand at these edible festive treats – whether they are destined to be a gift – or to be enjoyed as a craft ideas with the kids, with a tasty outcome!

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